Professional Baseball Team: The Ithaca Deers

Ithaca Professional Baseball Proposal:

Previous in coming to Ithaca in 1992, New York I reviewed what Ithaca did not have, and among which is the lack of professional sports teams.  With the later assistance of the Womyn’s Studies at the State University College at Buffalo, the best possible effort to initiate professional sports is a womyns professional base ball team.  This was likewise agreed by the sports program at Buffalo State as well.  Likewise was furthered agreed by local media sports casters.

Just to let you know.  Since there are a lot of roaming White Tail Deers within Tompkins county, the name was derived by how Ithaca is being view by the national scene as part of the community’s national image to stay close to nature, and naturalism.  Since the presents of active feminist I could not include the title of White Tail in to the proposed name/title.

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Roger M. Christian

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